Vaios Plakas has been a real estate broker for nearly 10 years. His career as a client property specialist began at an early age, honing his craft in the suburbs of Athens.

Vaios has always been involved in all aspects of real estate. His family has been in the business for 30+ years and has provided all forms of real estate related services from realtor associates & mortgage loan specialists to appraisers, title agents, attorneys, inspections, contractors etc…

Vaios` mission is to expose the properties to a wide range of potential buyers in a local, national and international level. Vaios understands the importance of showcasing properties with the upmost quality of marketing tools available in our industry today. He is determined to make the experience of buying or selling a home as comfortable and smooth to all of his clients. He conducts himself with honesty and respect, for that he gains a friend with every real estate transaction.

Vaios` clientele consists of entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals from around the world. He is known for his due diligence, experience, integrity, honesty, and always putting his client’s best interest foremost & exhausting every possible resource in his client’s favor.

Vaios` combined dedication and experience helps him offer his client’s intelligent counsel based on research, intellect, hard work, and a dedicated staff of assistants whose main focus is to meet and exceed all of our client’s expectations! Excellence is one of his many trademarks.

Please call Vaios anytime without obligation. He is ready to go to work for you today!


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